Chlorine or Bromine?

December 4, 2011

Bromine vs. chlorine is a recent debate that could cause confusion to swimming pool owners.  For many years, chlorine was the only available choice for pool disinfection.  In the 1980s, bromine tablets became available and was perceived to have many advantages over chlorine.  Over time, we have come to understand that each product has advantages and disadvantages.  The choice is a complex one which depends on individual factors such as water chemistry, location of pool being indoors or outdoors, climate, and sun exposure.

Information about Bromine vs. Chlorine

One advantage of bromine is a high evaporation point, making it more stable in water than chlorine.  Less of it escapes as a gas.  Bromine is also less irritating to the eyes.  One drawback learned over time is that bromine’s stability makes it hard to mix into water.  The stability could make it more difficult to wash off the skin.  Also, it may not be as widely effective against bacteria as chlorine is.  Many experts feel that bromine is the better choice for spas while chlorine is more suitable for swimming pools.In the bromine vs. chlorine debate, we at Focus Pools offer expert guidance and advice.  We work with the leading suppliers and manufacturers in the industry to bring you high quality products to fit every situation.  Chlorine is a good choice for swimming pools.  It costs less than bromine and is considered safe and effective.  It can be stabilized more easily than bromine against UV rays from sunlight.

Bromine has gained in popularity in recent years, causing the bromine vs. chlorine controversy.  Its main advantages are reduced odor and less irritation to skin and eyes.  Disadvantages are a higher cost than chlorine and it cannot be stabilized for outdoor use.  Bromine is perfect for indoor or covered spas because it remains effective in high temperatures and efficiency is not affected by pH fluctuations.  Let us put our expertise to work for you.  We will help you analyze environmental and water chemistry factors to find a perfect water purification system at a reasonable price.

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